Why we teach in Catholic schools

Why we teach in Catholic schools


Shorter days. Back-to-school sales. School buses and heavy traffic. These are some of the signs that school is back in session. But for our new teachers entering the Catholic schools system in Los Angeles, the back to school season is marked by something more notable.

Our new teachers come from a diverse set of backgrounds, expectations, and school experiences. From the Daughter of Charity who never expected to be a teacher, much less a nun, to the young man whose after-mass debates with an Irish priest led him to find faith; their backgrounds and stories for what brought them to teach in Catholic schools are as diverse as Los Angeles.

Yet despite their diversity, the values that drew them to the schools are overwhelmingly the same. We interviewed 20 of these teachers to ask why they came to teach at Catholic schools. The answers were overwhelmingly unanimous. Here are some of their stories:



    When Carrie Lerch’s family was welcomed into a Catholic school community everything changed. She had a conversion of religion and career path. Read her story.




    Sister Georgina Severin never thought she would be a nun, or a teacher. But the relationships she developed changed her mind. Read her story.




    It was education of the mind that drew Christopher Romano to Catholic schools, but an education of the spirit that kept him there. Read his story.




    Sophie Jenrich knows it “takes a village to raise a child,” and attention to a student’s individual needs and strengths is what will make them succeed. She found the perfect “village” in Catholic schools. Read her story.




    For Gustavo Cuevas, teaching is a partnership with the parents, and the parents he’s met at Catholic schools are the right partners. Read his story.




    Teaching in Korea gave Nicholas Park new ideas about what is most important to teach our future generation. He looks forward to bringing his ideas to Catholic schools. Read his story.


Our schools are truly blessed by the presence of our teachers. They make our schools what they are: a place for community, deep relationships, individual attention, parental involvement, excellent education, and faith.

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