Catholic schools are institutions of opportunity. For generations, they have provided students with an excellent academic and moral education, launching purpose-filled lives. The Archdiocese of Los Angeles is a contributor to this heritage, a legacy of faith and excellence that continues today in our Catholic schools.

Our schools have traditionally welcomed people from the margins of society and helped them to find their places in the professions, in families, and in a life of service in the community. Our faith in Jesus Christ makes this possible — because our faith is Catholic, and the word Catholic means universal, inclusive, and welcoming. We equip our students to live the life of Jesus Christ and take the Gospel to the whole world — every profession, every household, every neighborhood and social class.

More than 250 Catholic schools serve three counties in the Greater Los Angeles Region; Los Angeles County, Santa Barbara County and Ventura County. These elementary schools and high schools follow a tradition of Catholic education in the United States that can be traced back to the 1600s.

The Archdiocese of Los Angeles opened its first schools in the 1850s. Traditionally, our schools pride themselves on welcoming students from a range of financial realities with diverse backgrounds and helping them to find their places in the college, career, family, and in a life of service to their local and global community. Our faith in Jesus Christ makes this possible – because our faith is Catholic, and Catholic means universal, inclusive, and welcoming. We equip our students to live a life following in the footsteps of the apostles and saints and taking the redeeming message of the Gospel into the world – in every profession, every household, every neighborhood and across social classes.

Come and see our Catholic schools. See the community that raises up tomorrow’s inspired leaders. See a place with a strong moral compass. See the schools whose long tradition is excellence. See the students who succeed.


A Message From Our Senior Director and Superintendent of Catholic Schools

“Do not be content with what you are, if you want to become what you are not yet. For where you have grown pleased with yourself, there you will remain. But if you say, ‘that’s enough’, you are finished. Always add something more, keep moving forward, always make progress.” (St. Augustine)

Welcome to the Archdiocese of Los Angeles Department of Catholic Schools website! Our aim is to provide a platform that is interactive and useful for all and so my hope is that you return regularly for information regarding Catholic schools.

We have a bold, exciting vision of growth, both individual and institutional, for our Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. This vision is based on ensuring that our Catholic schools provide tremendous, tangible value to students and their families. That value begins with the fact that a Catholic school is first and foremost Catholic – meaning our faith is what both centers us and drives all that we do in an educational context. Our Catholic faith is more than just a subject that is taught during the school day; it informs how adults and students interact with each other both inside and outside of the classroom. Faith is what elevates the school to a community, and parents recognize the alignment between what they teach at home and what is being taught at school. The value also is based on academic excellence, and we are extremely proud of the academic success of our Catholic school students. Over 98% of our students graduate and attend a two or four year university and they go on to impact positively both our Church and society as a whole.

While we are excited about our success, we also recognize that we must continue to innovate and challenge ourselves if we are to achieve our vision of growth. Innovation is sometimes seen as being analogous with technology but it means much more in context for our Catholic schools. We see innovation as continually challenging yourself, both individually and organizationally, to improve upon your past performance. When this becomes the established culture at a Catholic school, success is celebrated but is then seen as the new benchmark from which to grow.

If you are looking for a school environment that is welcoming and that truly is an extension of your home, come visit one of our schools. Our academic excellence will impress you, but you will stay because our focus is centered on developing well-rounded students spiritually and emotionally, as well as intellectually.  We know the unique gifts bestowed by God that each child brings to the school and we nurture and develop those gifts so that our students become exceptional leaders for both the Church and in society.

– Dr. Kevin Baxter