Dual Language Immersion in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles

Dual Language Immersion (DLI) in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles (ADLA) is a model of education in which students matriculate through grades TK (or even pre-school) through grade 8 learning content in two languages, English and a Partner Language (e.g. Spanish, Mandarin).  Students also experience daily prayers, Masses, celebrations, and performances in both languages. In the early grades, students explore their world guided by teachers using two languages. As they grow, students are taught academic subjects in both English and a partner language. For example, students study math in Spanish while learning history in English. Our students will go on to be leaders in their community and in the world.


Dual Language Immersion (DLI) is an additive response to the needs of diverse, multi-lingual communities from across the three counties that comprise the ADLA, wherein 224 languages and dialects are spoken, among them 92 languages have been specifically identified among students in LAUSD; of these, the top three languages spoken are English, Spanish, and Mandarin. Immersed in language, culture, and faith our students will graduate with the ability to navigate larger social networks and communities better and provide significant advantages to participate and lead in their communities and anywhere that their continued education and career aspirations will take them. Research confirms that students in DLI programs begin to outperform their English-only peers as early as 3rd and 4th grades and by high school, they outperform their English-only peers.  Whether your child is in the Spanish Immersion or Chinese Immersion program, they will graduate with fluency conversational and academic language in English and that partner language.

Programa Doble Inmersión

El hablar Ingles y Español desde una edad temprana, garantiza que los alumnos mantengan el uso y dominio de los idiomas por siempre. Doble Inmersión cubre las necesidades globales del siglo 21. La doble inmersión beneficia de igual manera a los hispano hablantes como a los angloparlantes. La educación Católica es una ventaja para la vida.



Our Dual Language Immersion Schools

All Souls World Language Catholic School, Alhambra
Dual Language Program Began Fall 2012
Spanish-English and Mandarin-English
Phone: 626-282-5695
Principal: Carrie Fuller, Ph.D.

Our Lady of Perpetual Help School, Downey
Dual Language Program Began Fall 2017
Phone: (562) 869-9969
Principal: Mrs. Theresa Voeltz

St. Alphonsus School, East Los Angeles
Dual Language Program Began Fall 2017
Phone: 323-268-5165
Principal: Mrs. Minerva Munguia-Sanchez

St. Joseph School, Pomona
Dual Language Program Began Fall 2018
Phone: (909) 622-3365
Principal: Mrs. Diane Gehner

St. Matthias School, Huntington Park
Dual Language Program Began Fall 2016
Phone: 323-588-7253
Principal: Ms. Isela Martinez

St. Patrick School, North Hollywood
Dual Language Program Began Fall 2018
Phone: (818) 761-7363
Principal: Mrs. Raquel Shin

St. Paul Dual Language Academy, Mid-City Los Angeles
Dual Language Program Began Fall 2017
Phone: 323-734-4022
Principal: Ms. Linda Guzman

St. Sebastian School, West Los Angeles
Dual Language Program Began Fall 2015
Phone: 310-473-3337
Principal: Mrs. Patricia Harty

Coming Soon

More DLI schools are on the horizon for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. Read more about the benefits of DLI programs on our blog! To get in touch with us, please contact us at DLI@lacatholicschools.org or call us at 213-637-7354.