Early Childhood Education

Our Catholic preschools serve children younger than kindergarten age. In recent years, more people have come to see the tremendous value of this level of education. Our number of preschools is growing every year. So is the enrollment in those schools.

Our preschools are different because they put the focus on faith formation. They encourage young children to know, love, and serve God — through worship and through kindness and respect for others. All areas of a child’s development —cognitive, linguistic, social, physical, creativity — are addressed primarily through play. Children are allowed and encouraged to be children, to be themselves at their most creative.


Most preschools have full-day programs, five days a week. A few offer half-day programs. Several offer daycare before and after the school day is in session.

Our preschools thrive in many different settings. Most are on the same campus as one of our elementary schools, though some are free-standing and run by parishes without a K-8 program. Some are operated by religious sisters. In all instances children leave preschool prepared for kindergarten.

All our preschool programs are licensed through the California Department of Social Services and follow all of the regulations of Title 22, Division 12.