Elementary School

Catholic schools exist to proclaim the Gospel message, to build community, and to educate. All the people in the school —administrators, teachers, clergy, parents and students — share a common life of prayer, mutual responsibility, and freedom. Life in a Catholic school is shaped by the values of the Gospel — peace, justice, community, love, patience, reconciliation, and respect.

We base our curriculum on established state and national standards in every academic area. Teachers stay up-to-date through continuing-education and in-service programs. We design each course of studies to make the most of all our resources.

Jesus Christ is the foundation for each Catholic school community. His call to teach is our inspiration; his image the model for our students. Working with parents, we prepare our students to become active members of the Catholic Church, to serve others, and to make a difference in the world.


We Strive To…

Build a Community of Faith

We exist to enrich the Catholic community, and invite everyone to become active disciples of Jesus Christ.

Understand Their Gifts

We encourage all students towards excellence, but most importantly to use their gifts and talents in service to others.

Integrate the Teachings of the Church

We help students to experience the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and to bring Catholic beliefs into their lives and the world.

Promote Parish Life

We actively work to enhance the lives of Catholic parish communities.

Foster Respect

We teach respect for self and others, qualities that develop into discipline and good behavior.

Lead by Example

We are spiritually committed and professionally prepared so that we can live by our beliefs.

Appreciate Parents

We recognize parents as the primary educators of the students in our care; we encourage their active role in our schools, and we appreciate their support.

Share Governance

We seek community participation from those who share our vision, mission and goals.

Offer Our Schools

We open our schools to all children, to the extent that our resources allow.

Express Concern for Others

We have a special concern for the poor and disenfranchised.

Invest with Care

We use our resources wisely to ensure quality, and to be affordable to parents and our Church.

Seek Financial Contributions

We continue to challenge the Catholic community and others to invest in us, so that many more children can enjoy the benefits of Catholic education for years to come.

A Message From Our Deputy Superintendent for Elementary Schools

Welcome to Catholic elementary schools in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles! Thank you for your interest in providing your child with a special, Catholic education. Our website aims to offer meaningful information about our high quality schools and programs. It is an exciting time to have your children enrolled in a Catholic school and we appreciate the opportunity to welcome you to one of our parish school communities!

A Catholic education is one that is celebrated as providing unique and special advantages to our children by developing faith, academic excellence, service, and community. Our Catholic identity and emphasis on faith formation provides for our children to realize their God given gifts and potential to better themselves and to better those around them. Our schools reflect a strong sense of family and community and provide the safe, caring, and nurturing environment that is necessary to allow children in today’s world to develop and grow.

If this is your first step toward the journey of choosing a Catholic school in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, we encourage you to browse through the website and we welcome you to contact and visit our schools for a tour and more information. In visiting our schools, we know that you will immediately feel at home and will find in our faculties and staffs a wonderful sense of professionalism, partnership, and love that demonstrates our mission to serve your family’s educational and spiritual needs.

– Dr. Tony Galla