Tuition Assistance

Many families need help to make Catholic school education more affordable. There are many tuition-assistance programs offered through the Archdiocese and through local Catholic schools. The first step is making an appointment with the school principal to discuss your situation and options.

Tuition Assistance Guidelines

Catholic schools offer tuition assistance based on financial need. Some high schools offer academic-based scholarships as well, so it’s important to contact the schools you are interested in attending for their guidelines

Through the Catholic Education Foundation, over $8,000,000 per year has been available to students attending Parish and Archdiocesan schools.

Please go to their website for more information and for application procedures and deadlines.


What is the source of the funds available through the program?

Tuition Awards are funded through generous donations of individuals, foundations and corporations who appreciate the value of a Catholic school education and want to help families who cannot afford the full tuition bill.

Who is eligible to receive assistance and do I need to be Catholic?

Please see your school principal for the guidelines. In general, families must demonstrate need for tuition assistance and agree to make partial tuition payments. Awards are made without regard to ethnic background, religious affiliation or gender.

How are applications evaluated?

The first step is seeking guidance from your school principal. The principal understands your family’s needs and how best to apply for tuition support. Awards are made based on (a) financial need, (b) the principals recommendation, (c) your pastor’s recommendation, and (d) the availability of funding through sources available to the school including the Catholic Education Foundation and other individuals and foundations who fund scholarships.

Does my child need to have perfect grades to qualify?

NO, tuition awards are based on financial need and the principal’s recommendation. Some Catholic high schools provide academic scholarships based on achievements, but tuition assistance programs are designed to help families keep their children in Catholic schools to learn in a faith-filled, safe, values-based and rigorous environment. Today, 98% of students receiving tuition support are graduating from high school in four years and 98% of those graduates are going on to colleges and universities.

Do I have to apply for an award every year?

YES. Families must apply each year to be considered for an award since awards are based on criteria that could change from year-to-year, such as funding availability and family income.