Our Approach

Catholic schools outperform others because we set our sights higher. We want students to be everything God made them to be — academically, morally, and spiritually. We serve God best through our service to students, their families, and the community. Our excellence gives greater glory to God. And so we work to make every tuition dollar the best possible investment for the future of our community and the life of each child. We have centuries of success to show for our efforts.

Faith Formation

Faith is the key factor in a successful life. It makes for stronger families and friendships. It inspires the greatest ambitions. The life nourished in Catholic schools is the life we hope to live forever with God in heaven. Students who attend Catholic schools learn the faith and keep it. They are almost eight times more likely to practice their faith as adults!

Percentage of adult Catholics (born 1982 or later) attending Mass weekly or more often by Catholic school attendance

  • 50%
  • 34%
    Attended Catholic primary school
  • 39%
    Attended Catholic secondary school
  • 5%
    Never attended Catholic school
Source: Catholic New Media Use in the Unites States, 2012

Catholic tradition is the cornerstone of our educational system. We believe that faith and reason are two wings by which we rise to see the truth. We believe that morals and virtues are essential components of sound character. Students in Catholic schools learn to lead lives of service and charity. They are motivated to build community, seek peace, and stand for justice — not out of self-interest, political affiliation, or economic motives, but because they have learned to follow the way of Jesus Christ.


Academic Excellence

University of California / California State University Required Course Completion Rate

  • 100%
  • 90%
    Students at CEF Supported Catholic Schools
  • 31%
    Students at Comparable Public Schools
Source: LMU LACS, 2011

The word Catholic means “universal,” and so Catholic education is designed to be inclusive. Every child has a place in Catholic education — a sense of dignity and belonging. Founded on Christian principles, a Catholic school is like a family. It is a safe, comfortable environment fostering the best learning experience. Our students go forward in life with a strong sense of purpose. They are prepared for a lifetime of learning.



Responsibility is a key element in Catholic moral life, and it is essential to the life of a Catholic school. We hold ourselves accountable to the families, communities, and societies that we serve. We are stewards of the community’s greatest treasure: its children, its future. When a family invests confidence in us, we are duty-bound to return their investment with an increase — better character, better skills, greater virtue.