Can a Catholic school provide my child with the same opportunities available at schools that are taxpayer funded?

Yes. Catholic school students outperform their public-school counterparts on almost every measure, if not immediately, then over time — and Catholic schools accomplish this at just two-thirds the cost.

Can I afford a Catholic school education?

Yes. Many of our students come from circumstances. We provide opportunities for financial aid.

Will a Catholic school provide a safe and secure environment for my children?

Yes. Catholic schools are not just buildings. They’re communities. Administration, faculty, staff, and students work together for the common good. This collaborative approach fosters open communication and genuine care and concern for all members of the school community. With typically smaller class sizes, our schools are better able to provide a safe, structured environment and ensure that all students receive the attention they need. And, of course, all our properties must observe the same or greater safety codes and security procedures as other schools.

What can Catholic schools offer that other schools don’t?

Catholic schools are grounded in the Roman Catholic faith; this lived presence of the faith is off-limits in public schools. We embrace a faith and/or ethical dimension in every subject we teach. We can teach Truth in its fullness. Beyond meeting the academic needs of our students, we tend to our students’ spiritual health and growth, as well.

Do teachers in Catholic schools meet the same standards as teachers elsewhere?

Yes, and they surpass them. Our teachers are well prepared, intellectually engaged, and thoroughly trained in the best classroom methods.

Will a Catholic school education help my child achieve success in the workplace?

Yes. Catholic school students are far more likely to go on to college than their peers in other schools. The Catholic curriculum is designed to meet and/or exceed the entrance requirements for state and private colleges and universities. Our students consistently score higher in every objective measurement of aptitude and achievement. Our alumni lead impressive lives. We care for character, and that is often a competitive edge.

What about education in the sciences?

In every generation, Catholics have excelled in the fields of science and technology. They benefit from the Church’s tradition of inquiry, respect for human thought, and regard for God’s creation. The founders of the fields of chemistry, astronomy, genetics, geology, paleontology, and computer science were Roman Catholics, as was the physicist who first proposed the Big Bang Theory.

What about the arts?

Because the faith emphasizes matters of spirit, the Church has always been a patron of the arts. Catholic school students are prepared to appreciate the rich traditions in painting, sculpture, literature, and music — whose greatest works have often been dedicated to God.

Will my child be welcome in Catholic schools?

Yes. We celebrate diversity in all of our schools. The word Catholic means universal, and we strive to make every child welcome in all our classrooms, playgrounds, and lunchrooms. A Catholic school is a close-knit community; there is a place for everyone, regardless of income, ethnicity, or race.